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The University of Vermont Medical Center Online Art Collection

From Here to There


Artwork offers us a glimpse into another world, other places and perspectives that allow us a brief escape from our present moment.  Quite literally, roads, pathways and waterways all represent ways to travel. In artwork, they symbolically represent the natural changes and transitions we experience as we travel through life. 

In this exhibit, each artist contemplates these places of change and uses various techniques — such as light, weather, and the setting — to express feelings that arise when we pause and acknowledge our journey.  Hope, fear, excitement, joy, and loneliness can all be seen and felt in this body of work, to which we can all relate.

Click on the images to leave your thoughts.

Gap Road

Julia Purinton, Gap Road

What might be some feelings the artist has about this journey?

What are some ways this work reflects your own journey?


Orange Grasses

Susan Larkin, Orange Grasses

In what ways does this painting feel like a place of change?

What type of journey can you image in this place?



Stephen Hunek, Friendship

How does this journey compare with your experiences?

What is the artist telling us about our journey in this piece?


Pathway 6

Jim Westphalen, Pathway 6

What memories does a place like this create for you?

What things in this photograph spark memories?

What are some circumstances in which you can imagine traveling through this place?



Adrienne Ginter, Doves

How do you feel when you are beginning a journey?

What are some of the ways the artist captures those feelings?



Aaron Stein, Old Vermont

New York

Aaron Stein, New York

In what ways does this artist convey a sense of travel?

How many journeys do you think these license plates have seen?

What symbols might you use to represent your own journeys?


From Here to There