Katharine Montstream

Katharine Montstream grew up in the flatlands of Connecticut and couldn’t wait to move to Vermont to ski. She studied at Green Mountain College and the University of Colorado in Boulder for her Sociology degree. Montstream has been coloring for a living since 1988. She started out making hand made watercolor greeting cards, and in two years she sold over 15,000 -each one individually painted- to shops in New England. The next year, Montstream Studio started printing her images and she and her husband began selling the greeting cards nation wide. In 1989, her painting career took off after she had her first solo show at a favorite bar in Burlington, the Daily Planet. The images were of buildings, big gardens and the skyline of Burlington. Since then she’s had multiple exhibits in Vermont and focuses on her favorite subjects, the lake, mountains, snow, woods, swimming holes and Burlington’s iconic Moran Plant.

Katharine Montstream--Winooski Falls--.jpg
Katharine Montstream--Sea Caves Trail--.jpg
Katharine Montstream--Red Rocks--.jpg
Katharine Montstream--Pond Edge--.jpg
Katharine Montstream--Oakledge Park--cropped.jpg
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