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Explore a collection of work that explores the power of light in a variety of different mediums and subjects. Click on the art to share your thoughts.

From Here to There


The artists in this collection contemplate places of change and use various techniques to express feelings that arise when we pause and acknowledge our journey through life.

New Acquisitions: A Look Back at 2017


This exhibition features a selection of new artwork acquired by the UVM Medical Center in 2017.

The mission of the UVM Medical Center Art Collection is to promote the health and healing of our patients, visitors and staff. It supports a culture where creativity and contemplation are key components of our wellness and are drivers of innovation. We seek to collect artwork created by artists whose diversity of practice and perspective reflects the mission of the UVM Medical Center and contributes to the ongoing creative culture of our community. Our art collection is intended to provide an outlet for introspection and inspiration and to encourage an ongoing dialogue about our collective human experience.