Molly Bosley

From a young age, whether it was backyard treasures to yard sale findings, Molly has always been a collector of things. Her love of found objects and discarded relics has fueled her inspiration to create, transform, dismantle, dissect, build and reimagine. Molly can be found exploring New England and finding new muses for future projects with her sweet dog, Orso and bearded husband, Max.

Of her work, the artist says: "My artwork depicts a visual interpretation of a history created as if from a parallel universe, the stories of people whose memories have yet to be created. These imagined worlds and narratives are drawn from my experiences in my community and with friends, my fascination with the things that fear us most, the beautiful in everyday mundane scenes and the surreal. The stories I am telling are a way of communicating with the audience, reflecting on the world we live in, seeing connections through time periods and distances and still finding things in which we can all relate."

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