About the Online Art Collection: Drawing Inspiration

The University of Vermont Medical Center's online art collection provides a unique way for patients, their caregivers, loved ones, families and the larger community to interact with the Medical Center’s extensive artwork collection — and each other — as they face the shared challenges of medical treatment.


The online art collection is inspired by the late artist Michael Buckley, whose experience as a cancer patient at the University of Vermont Cancer Center at the UVM Medical Center gave him insight into the need for introspection and emotional connection during challenging times. His life as a working artist reflected the many ways that art provides this respite. Michael and his wife, Laura Lipton, donated proceeds from the sale of his artwork to create "Drawing Inspiration," a virtual meeting space where hearts and minds can connect through art.  The Drawing Inspiration fund at the UVM Medical Center supports not only the online art collection, but also the many ways patients and the community can interact with art.

An award-winning New England artist, Michael captured a slice of life in his work: a moment in nature, sports, or a candid human interaction. His work has been shown in galleries and museums throughout the United States and Canada and is included in private collections all over the world.

For more information about the project, the artwork, or the artists, contact our staff.

"Art reflects and informs the human condition. The opportunity to engage with art empowers, sooths, and inspires. By offering opportunities to engage in the arts and creative expression, persons with cancer can be enabled to mourn, grieve, celebrate life, be empowered to endure their situation, and find healing and meaning.”  S.S. Bailey, "The arts in spiritual care," Seminars in Oncology Nursing, 1997



Michael Buckley's "Self Portrait" from the collection of Laura Lipton