Carl Rubino

When multiple award winning and frequently published fine art photographer Carl Rubino was five years old, his mother played classical music and told him if he closed his eyes he could “see” the music. He did, and he did. And that lesson engrained in him the idea that in anything creative he should be free to find his own vision or interpretation.  A believer in Thoreau’s wisdom that “It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see”, Rubino uses his camera to create works that range from his visualization and interpretation of landscape to the wildly abstract.  What does he like to shoot best?  Whatever drives him at the moment.

Rubino_Carl_Painted By The Elements #48_2013_photography_18x12 image_325_-6003965_preview.jpeg
Rubino_Carl_Painted By The Elements #16_2017_photography_18x12 image_325_-8101321_preview.jpeg