Douglas Biklen

Douglas Biklen’s photographs have a quality of realism, but emphasize geometry and color. His subjects are recognizable, but also abstract. They tend to emphasize two or three big blocks of color.

Douglas works mainly in medium format on color transparency film to produce highly saturated colors. His works are all taken in natural light, often in the early morning and late afternoon for their warm tones, yet sometimes a subject works best if caught in the subtle, even, cool light of a cloudy day.

Among the most abstract of his works is the series called “Surface Scenes.” These photographs evoke landscape scenery but do not reproduce it.

BIKDPH01_Biklen_Sky After Turner sample.tif

BIKDPH02_BIKLEN Western Sky.tif


BIKDPH04_BIKLEN_ Light Blue Day sample.tif

BIKDPH05_Biklen_ Distant-Lights.jpg