Jill Madden

Jill Madden is best known for her landscape-based work. A native Rhode Islander now living in Vermont, she focuses her work on the mountain and coastal areas known well to her. 

Jill’s work lies at the intersection of perception and imagination, the exterior world of her life, and the interior one of memory, history and narrative.  Working from sustained observation, she investigates dappled light and shadow on woods and waterways. Painting from specific locations year-round, she explores transformations in the landscape, as well as changes in value, color, and her emotions while working.

Jill identifies simple color notes that structure her images and provide nuances of form.  She interprets nature as both playful and quiet, reflecting adventure, exploration and enchantment. Like the landscape itself, her surfaces evolve over time: sanded, layered, and scraped.

MADJP01_Madden_Sachuset Point.jpg
MADJP02_Madden_Last Days of Summer 1.JPG
MADJP03_Madden_Last Days of Summer 2.JPG
MADJP04_Madden_End of Summer.JPG